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True Love

Love is a term familiar to all… But what really means to be love is still pondered on! Why do people who know love fail to define love?? It’s a mere fact that Love is a feeling, an emotion that is hard to reciprocate in words… But if we really know what love is what makes a difference when the word ‘True’ precedes it!! For me love has always been beyond form… Love has such immense power to break away mundane ties… Love is never about losing something but gaining more than what you expect… As far as I have understood love has been that sublime feeling of care and safety that we get from our dear ones as well as the same we give… But above all love can only be that care and safety that can help us evolve.. This is the truth...  Evolution have always been the secret of every life form on Earth and this is exactly what love does.. It helps us evolve spiritually… But this doesn't  mean that when your beloved clad you in saffron and sandal coloured beads and helps you meditate… No! That’s…