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Importance of Training

My paternal home was my playground during holidays where I would chase after birds and squirrels while Grandpa, a retired headmaster, tended to his plants. That day I was busy filling his ears with all the bads I could imagine about the teachers I hated at school. Homeworks were leaching out my play hours and palms were sore due to the ‘cane thrashings’. I stopped as I saw two men assisting Grandpa to cut off branches from my favorite Guava tree. “They cannot cut my tree! That is rude”, my eyes welled up with tears which did not go unnoticed. I needed explanation and that was certain. Grandpa replied that it was necessary, which obviously did not satisfy me. This is when my father stepped in and I knew that a scientific explanation was on the brew. He began that when the unwanted branches are chopped off the tree can concentrate on the main branches that give us fruits. And that by chopping off wandering branches the threat of the branches touching the electrical lines are checked. “H…