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Rights to Education in Ancient India

The Rights to Education in Ancient India are still a hot debate topic for the advocates of humanity. Even I have been intimidated by the discrimination the ancient Indians showed to the lower classes by denying them any education that was beyond their circle of skill or living.  Only the Kshathriyas and Brahmins were allowed the privilege of higher education. But by analyzing the living conditions and intellect of the age it is livid that basic education was provided to all, like basic arithmetic and life science.  Then why the discrimination in providing higher education? The reason was always  simple. In ancient India the most difficult of all arts was the art of archery. This was the highest and toughest art to be mastered as the sharp and sleek weapon fired off from a distance can hit the spot only with the trained knowledge of aligning the arrow and pulling back the string in perfect angle to the blowing wind or moving target and a miss of the target can easily be fatal to any livi…