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Truth on the domination of males

Centuries ago when the true flourishing of civilizations took place the world without exception believed on the power of the female that created life. The female ruled the lands and men were mere subordinates ready to engage on all menial jobs and hard nut tasks.  Males were nothing more than concubines or servants. It was a ritual in the western civilizations that the concubine of the Queen was to be killed and the flesh to be eaten raw by the queen and the priestesses, which they believed impregnated them. Gradually the male counterpart intoxicated with the possible power and of course fearing death, by years of cunning procrastination of the ritual each time reasoning the substitute of a young male in his stead rose to supreme power. Later the young male was yet again substituted by animal sacrifice. And hence ages empowered the male cunning and female was gradually suppressed into servitude, which lead to the current degradation faced by the gender.

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