Truth on the domination of males

Centuries ago when the true flourishing of civilizations took place the world without exception believed on the power of the female that created life. The female ruled the lands and men were mere subordinates ready to engage on all menial jobs and hard nut tasks.  Males were nothing more than concubines or servants. It was a ritual in the western civilizations that the concubine of the Queen was to be killed and the flesh to be eaten raw by the queen and the priestesses, which they believed impregnated them. Gradually the male counterpart intoxicated with the possible power and of course fearing death, by years of cunning procrastination of the ritual each time reasoning the substitute of a young male in his stead rose to supreme power. Later the young male was yet again substituted by animal sacrifice. And hence ages empowered the male cunning and female was gradually suppressed into servitude, which lead to the current degradation faced by the gender.

I've often heard counters that in the wild the lion rules over the lionesses and that after every hunt the male is offered the first bite and best portions while the females restrain themselves for the male to finish up. I really don’t understand how that shows the subordination of the female. All the females of a pride together can defeat a male for sure; then why this submission? Well here are some simple facts: Every pride can have only one dominant male who will have the mating rights over all the females. Without the male the next generation is not possible. The dominant male is the victor of a dual between two full grown males and the position is always under constant threat. No female disregards the new dominant male and cheerfully participates in mating. Now to get back to the point, the only male in the pride has to be powerful, strong and healthy and should be a perfect specimen which is necessary to create a healthy, strong and powerful progeny. If the male is weak the next generation also suffers alike. To prevent this, the male has to have the best fresh portions to his fill in order to maintain his efficiency and health. Moreover, the male has to be confident in order to carry on his task well and hence the ladies give great care to how they sustain him well toned, healthy and confident.

And again I have faced counters like, then why wouldn't this apply to the birds and so on… Well, my answer is that, birds do not live like a pride or such. They do not form societies or groups. And hence can choose their own males, and no code of conduct is expected. And again you may ask, then why don’t we humans follow such a system as of in a pride? If there was such a condition in the human society more than 80% males would have been single and the rest would have been enjoying or rather burdened with multiple alliances. And if in that case again if we were given the privilege to choose our mates like the birds again at least a 60% would have been single with the rest same as above.  Remember it is only the social norms creating a difference between the human and the animal world and efficiently turning its back to the true dominating power in Nature. It’s purely intentional. There is much that the male society will lose if the truth was to be accepted wholly. There is much more than expected to lose for the males. So how about a little respect now? Or at least try to understand the situation and stop believing that male is everything. It is just a belief.


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