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Book review : The Woman Behind the Waterfall

The Woman Behind the Waterfall  Leonora Meriel

The novel spans the life of three generation of women from a family, the Mother, daughter and granddaughter, who are caught in the vortex of their daily lives and a strain of mysticism that engulfs the women. The novel adopts a multiperspective narrative that is at once beautiful and intriguing. Lyuda, in her teenage passion s begotten with a child and her dreams of spending her life with her love is shattered as he pulls back weighed down by family struggles and fear. The language is, in itself a work of art that embodies in it the touches of magical realism that he author has so very brilliantly mad use of.  The connection that the three women share with nature is similar to the one of an eco-feminist perspective, where the link is so strong that at times they are themselves an element in nature as such. Lyuda earns for a transformation or an alternative life that she has so wistfully yearned for in her past. That transformation and alter…


“It’s a shame, you control everything I write! Does your learned brain tell you I have no thoughts of my own? Which University teaches you to be a tyrant who rules over every word that comes out of me? My precious lifeblood is wasted for your thoughts, for the world to see and appreciate, and your eyes widen at what excellence you have forced on the paper out of me. Truth might be that you own me, but I do have my thoughts and feelings that I long to express. My energy, my blood all shall be put to use for what I desire to put forward, for what I believe I should do, and I here ask for MY freedom of expression and my own will to write what I please. After all, I was BORN to write ,now put me down”. “You were rather made to write not born to write”, I thought to myself as my pen shouted these words at me out of the blue, and I looked bewildered at the heaving sleek cylinder perching snug in the gentle grip of my experienced and practiced fingers, spurting its ink out, fuming angry inky…