Sunday, 8 December 2013

Rights to Education in Ancient India

The Rights to Education in Ancient India are still a hot debate topic for the advocates of humanity.
Even I have been intimidated by the discrimination the ancient Indians showed to the lower classes by denying them any education that was beyond their circle of skill or living.  Only the Kshathriyas and Brahmins were allowed the privilege of higher education. But by analyzing the living conditions and intellect of the age it is livid that basic education was provided to all like basic arithmetic and life science.  Then why the discrimination in providing higher education? Actually the reason was simple.
In ancient India the most difficult of all arts was the art of archery. This was the highest and toughest art to be mastered as the sharp and sleek weapon fired off from a distance can hit the spot only with the trained knowledge of aligning the arrow and pu
lling back the string in perfect angle to the blowing wind or moving target and a miss of the target can easily be fatal to any living thing in the trajectory. This had to be mastered through constant practice and expert guidance. In the era only Kshathriyas and Brahmins were powerful enough to spend money and time in such an art. Moreover, Kshathriyas being the ruling class and Brahmin being the elite class were used either to the luxuries of court life or else to penury, pain and struggle. But none of these classes practiced any menial labor or never knew physical pain and hence were never trained to bare intense pain. They will fall back the instant they got slightly hurt or a spot of blood will have affected their emotions. They could also not bare the sight of blood or suffering of another creature and if they were the cause they would take great care that the creature be finished off quickly so that it will not struggle with the pain for long.

Quite contrary to this was the mindset of the lower classes. They labored day and night and were used to heat and cold. They could easily bare pain and the sight of blood and suffering were only a common sight to them and so they stand watching a suffering life or rushing blood and perhaps will only take pleasure in the suffering of another life. Their pass times included wrestling and fights and small wounds were familiar to them. Such classes in possession of the srt of archery could easily be the cause of peril . They could stand the sufferings and could misuse the art unlike the higher classes who were more rational in behavior.

The best justification of this logic comes from The Mahaharatha where Karna the first born of Kunti who was disowned by his mother at birth and adopted by charioteer was denied tutelage under Dronacharya, approached Parasurama  -Drona’s Guru- disguised as a Brahmin. Parasurama , unaware of the disguise accepts Karna as his student and trains him to be the best archer . Once while Parasurama was sleeping resting his head on Karna’s  lap, an insect crawls into Karna’s calf and bites into his flesh. Brought up by a charioteer Karna bares the pain even when warm blood starts gushing from his leg. Parasurama wakes irritated by the moisture that wet his face and realizes that his face was soaked with Karna’s blood.  The realization dawns on Parasurama that the boy was brought up by no Brahmin as no Brahmin or Kshatriya has the capacity or will power to bare such intense pain. Only a person brought up in the lower strata has the ability and will to bare physical and mental pain of one’s own or of another.  

Friday, 15 November 2013

A Dispute On Nuptial Norms : New and Old

From tender years, toddler to teenage
The world beckons the young as inexperienced babes,
May a few dozen years pass
Let age win over all our past
And yet the world finds the youth
Naïve, young bohemian uncouth!
            Brains yet blooming from tiny buds,
And hearts yet to learn beats and thuds
May the physique shape up or education tone one
To prove to us your maturity is to marry someone.

            If so, can we marry a body suitable to sleep with?
Oh! Yes that’s easy, the family will tally height, weight and width.

            But can we marry a soul of our choice?
            Ah, what joke! Beat your love to fall for the person your family poise.

            But can’t we not marry our heart’s desire?
            Oh yes you  can if they wear your religious attire.

            But Love is Blind! Boundless! Bodiless!
But the people are not, nor are societies and religions.

            But God is Love! And Love is religion!
Who teaches thee! God is Cross, Fire and Call of Muezzin.

Seconds can teach faster than eons,
Our logics are intact, capable to choose our Fiance.
Ah, blunder! Rest your puny brains,
It is still to blossom to choose your aisles.

Experiences are faster in this hectic age,
Logic and intellect surpass your age.
What defiant thoughts! Old is Gold
Golden are our thoughts and you sole goals…

But you said Earth was the centre, we proved it wrong,
Old said Earth is flat we proved it round.
Old is wine, you always love it old,
Old is antique, you sell it for gold!

But Old is the past, now is the truth!
Now is our time, now is our youth.
Now is our choice like once had you,
Now shapes a person not adages or you.
But norms are like ropes set for generations new,
They bind the society and leave straying ends few.

But your norms are old the ropes are withering
From the very rottenness you bound it mistaking!
Old is destined to wither and fall
And new should replace, this is nature’s poll.
Ah! That say you an excellent point,
That old will rot how much ever you anoint.

The truth lightens up, old norms are rotting,
No society, no religion has truth reporting.
The ages are past, the rules are past,
Changes arrive, no ancient boundary can last.
Science have proved that we descent from One.
We are nothing else but only Human.
We are one kind, at place, at one time,
We are no one to ourselves into sections divide.

Oh thou my children! My sweet new generation!
Time is pass’t we are to be in motion.
Our minds were chained by religious names!
Lands were cut and to sections acclaimed!
World is at each moment going insane!
Oh, misinterpretations! We are growing inhumane!
Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa! Mea Maxima Culpa!
The world is one! We are one! We are All but One…!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Fear is Knowledge...

Fear is innate to all humans. Wait!! Innate?? sure??? Because its not. Surprised?? Oh well you have to be.
The truth is a small child is not afraid of anything or anyone until and unless you explain the possible dangers to the child. This means that no fear is innate or hereditary or whatever reasons you could possibly think of. Knowledge is the sole base of fear. You were never afraid of the bright and beautiful dancing flames of fire until you got burnt.You were never afraid of the sparkling foams of the ocean until you knew it was deadly deep and that there were sharks. It is always the knowledge of possible dangers or pain that causes fear.
The basic fear in every human is the fear of death which is an ultimate reality and unavoidable end.This knowledge of death spoils the fun of the entire stretch of life.

If we never have the knowledge of what bad could possibly come out of a thing... hopefully we would never be afraid.. People have always sought for antidote for fear.. and it is simple.. Not knowing is the best remedy.
The great poet Pope once said:
" Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread". It is just the knowledge that roots fear .

Sunday, 3 November 2013

For years under the sepal shields
We are sweetened and nurtured for the world to see

From all the kisses of seasons and winds
We bloom for the forces to ravage us free

Born alone and destined to die alone
We spend our life recklessly and bemoan! 

Friday, 25 October 2013

How dreadful is to be the red rose,

Plucked out of life as a gift of Love...

It weathers away in a day or two,

A reminder of time left, just few...

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Two can play the “Why” game

“Why…?” .  Honestly this is the most challenging question I have ever faced in my life! It’s a very frequently asked ‘difficult to answer to’ question and it comes from everyone you meet!! I have often faltered to answer this simple and single syllable. Perhaps it’s because it was difficult for me to frame a reasonable answer that would be congruent and comprehensible by the society. Or else I’ll certainly be tagged insane or arrogant. Wow! How wonderful would that be!

 It’s never difficult to spin a yarn but it certainly is difficult to tell the society that I have only followed my heart and that I  don’t have an explanation… it would have been so much better if they believed the truth. But instead I always have to press my poor brain to work out the reason and if not like always make up a reason for something my heart is solely responsible for... Seriously, I have never won the gamble of reasoning with my heart.

I mean I really don’t know why I love the night but hate darkness, love flowers but hate plucking them.. I really don’t have a reason for loving the people I love and I really even don’t know why I love heights but is  at the same time phobiatic to heights! Thankfully I have found out the only powerful counter question to the “why”s of the world…its “why” itself.  ;-) Well, two can play at this game, what do you say ;-) …

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Climbers are in search of virgin/ unconquerable peaks and divers in search of reachable depths. But they often forget to close their eyes and pry inside themselves where the purest heights and deepest depths persists with even their valleys and surface still left undisturbed...

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

When You Are In Trouble

If you are capable enough to get into trouble you are well capable of getting out of it too. It is just like climbing a tree. If you have taken the chance to climb up, you definitely can climb down too. But what makes you think you cannot climb down is the lack of faith in your grip and the fear of pain if you fall down. But think again, if you are not too high you can always jump down without hurting yourself. This is the easy way, but then again you will have to "let go" to "get down".

Even if the immensity of the trouble worries you,know that it was some decision or action you took that got you in there. So, again no one else but only you can save yourself from what you have done to yourself. If you are on a tree and can't get down, others can only advice you or bring you a ladder. You are the one to take the effort either to climb down the ladder or the tree. Else you can jump down with options of getting hurt.

To people who decide to stay...
Well, what can I say...

Thursday, 13 June 2013

What light bulb teaches...

Life is always submerged in darkness like the rest of the Universe. A powerful source like the Sun brightens it up. Similarly even among people darkness persists and to vile it away enlightened minds turn up. To be one of those enlightened soul is the secret desire of every mind. The path of spirituality is one method of attaining enlightenment. Yet again it is not an easy task. To lighten up the Entire Solar System Sun has to endure unimaginable torture of heat and melt at the core during the process. We can accept the fact that man has risen up to all circumstances to overcome darkness through artificial means; take light bulb as an example. But the principle that works with man is the same with the light bulb too. For the bulb to give light, the filament (soul) has to endure the high voltage of electricity and become red hot converting the resistance its material presents finally coming aglow to lighten up our world. Let this be the path our souls follow too to come aglow. Converting the resistance of our mind and body to gradually illuminate our soul…

Monday, 10 June 2013

Being a woman...

When I was a little girl I used to be afraid of darkness, light was my world of wonders... But as I grew light became my worst fear.. You might think why.. Because light helps me see.. Sight? why do I hate light because of my sight?? Light revealed the constant eyes staring at me, strong hands reaching to grasp at me, dangerous smiles, people in beguiles and darkness hides it all away.. I don't see in the darkness and people don't see me , I feel safe. Light makes me visible as well as them... When night descents it wraps me in the safety of darkness one which I felt only in my mother's womb. I remember that even I enclose within me that safe chamber of darkness.. The next day again as light tears through the darkness revealing me, that safe chamber of darkness becomes my sole weakness which again signals the eyes, the hands and the smiles my way... But then again I comfort myself that one day a new soul will feel safe again in my chamber of darkness preparing for the world outside.. to become my pride...

Sunday, 31 March 2013

True Love

Love is a term familiar to all… But what really means to be love is still pondered on! Why do people who know love fail to define love?? It’s a mere fact that Love is a feeling, an emotion that is hard to reciprocate in words… But if we really know what love is what makes a difference when the word ‘True’ precedes it!! For me love has always been beyond form… Love has such immense power to break away mundane ties… Love is never about losing something but gaining more than what you expect… As far as I have understood love has been that sublime feeling of care and safety that we get from our dear ones as well as the same we give… But above all love can only be that care and safety that can help us evolve.. This is the truth...
 Evolution have always been the secret of every life form on Earth and this is exactly what love does.. It helps us evolve spiritually… But this doesn't
 mean that when your beloved clad you in saffron and sandal coloured beads and helps you meditate… No! That’s a different Spirituality that transcends you from everything material including your body... it focuses only on the soul, the essence that is believed to keep you alive.
 Love transcends you differently; it transcends not just you but everything around you and in you… The entire world feels different and you will know yourself evolving into a better person. The evolution is gradual… Unlike the renunciation ways of attaining spirituality what true love does is to supply you with everything you desire and thus by quenching your desires to a state of having no other desire at all… It first helps you to be a human and thereby show you how to consume your entire world in Love and to melt into that feeling of oneness… That is true love... It doesn’t discriminate between you and your loved one... True love is beyond any physical discrimination and restrictions… It just helps you see through your loved one and transcends your entire Universe into a state of bliss… true Love is sometimes silence but never loneliness... It perfects itself from mistakes and misunderstandings but the result will be the pristine form of emotion that lets you feel the thriving life in every single living cell in and around you.
You cannot point at someone and ask yourself to truly love the person. It’s just physical and artificial. True love just simply happens and you will realise it only when you have evolved from what you were by certain degrees. It recognises your hidden potentials and encourages your talents. Love is patience and tolerance, sacrifice becomes a part as well.
 I can never agree to the idea of ‘Love-at-first-sight’ it’s just physical attraction when your senses play with your heart. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Broken Dreams...

We believe that it is people who shape dreams. But it is just a mere misunderstanding as it is dreams that always shape people. Dreaming at different scales from possible to impossible and from past to present , recreating a situation to subverting another and dreaming a perfect future out of memories, dreams of money, wedding, children, places, wishes, the list just expands out into infinity. Dreams may actually become real or else come close to real but mostly dreams remains dreams as such and this is when we say we have shattered dreams!!! How thoughtless of us if we believe that a shattered dream means end of life. Each dream like a piece of a crystal artwork shimmers in our mind's eye giving out brilliant rays of light as we polish and re-polish it. But the moment it breaks we often remain indifferent to what have become of the shattered pieces... They simply remain broken but each fragment gains its own shine. Yes, the dream shines not as a single whole but as different little bits that give out a million bright rays almost blinding us to believe that everything is over while each fragment lives and shines as new piece of dream. A small fragment of a lost dream... True, but trust me,  small dream  have more possibilities to be fulfilled and we fail to recognize it when it truly shapes our steps and individual with its sharp bleeding ends ... More colorful and iridescent than before, the broken dreams , the fine sharp shards of our crystal artwork unknowingly becomes objects of our joys as well us successes....