Being a woman...

When I was a little girl I used to be afraid of darkness, light was my world of wonders... But as I grew light became my worst fear.. You might think why.. Because light helps me see.. Sight? why do I hate light because of my sight?? Light revealed the constant eyes staring at me, strong hands reaching to grasp at me, dangerous smiles, people in beguiles and darkness hides it all away.. I don't see in the darkness and people don't see me , I feel safe. Light makes me visible as well as them... When night descents it wraps me in the safety of darkness one which I felt only in my mother's womb. I remember that even I enclose within me that safe chamber of darkness.. The next day again as light tears through the darkness revealing me, that safe chamber of darkness becomes my sole weakness which again signals the eyes, the hands and the smiles my way... But then again I comfort myself that one day a new soul will feel safe again in my chamber of darkness preparing for the world outside.. to become my pride...


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