What light bulb teaches...

Life is always submerged in darkness like the rest of the Universe. A powerful source like the Sun brightens it up. Similarly even among people darkness persists and to vile it away enlightened minds turn up. To be one of those enlightened soul is the secret desire of every mind. The path of spirituality is one method of attaining enlightenment. Yet again it is not an easy task. To lighten up the Entire Solar System Sun has to endure unimaginable torture of heat and melt at the core during the process. We can accept the fact that man has risen up to all circumstances to overcome darkness through artificial means; take light bulb as an example. But the principle that works with man is the same with the light bulb too. For the bulb to give light, the filament (soul) has to endure the high voltage of electricity and become red hot converting the resistance its material presents finally coming aglow to lighten up our world. Let this be the path our souls follow too to come aglow. Converting the resistance of our mind and body to gradually illuminate our soul…


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