Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Letter to a good year

Hello to this year and all the temporary happiness and unhappiness of this year,

 I'm afraid your allotted time is fast ending. Its a matter of days now and I have got a lot to speak out to you. All those wonderful memories you sparingly showered on me was such true blessings that the sparingness ensured it was counted and enjoyed. Too much of the happiness would have been truly an overdose, it might have got lost. But, brilliantly you sent me a surge if sorrows good enough to clear out my tear valves and moisten my eyes quite frequently. You do take very good care of the eyes by the by. My friend count almost lost limits this year. I found some very extraordinary lot and realized the sincerity of many. I got to know my loved ones a bit more, which makes our bondings stronger this year. There were losses to me, but none equals the gains in unison. The days were bright enough and there was sufficient rain and sun to invest for the coming year as well. My days were good. I had to face many hardships but nevertheless it made me stronger and more capable as I feel it clearly. Thank you for all the small tokens as good luck you send my way and I want you to know that though I thank you I despise you more. But, trust me only love will stay, as you turn around the corner all this hate will go with you, none to be retained in my memories.

Good bye good year,Happy Christmas to you. I will miss you. It’s a pity you can't visit me again nor can I visit you. Perhaps in some other world we will meet again. Till then God be with you good year.



Gayathri Jayakumar.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Importance of Training

 My paternal home was my playground during holidays where I would chase after birds and squirrels while Grandpa, a retired headmaster, tended to his plants. That day I was busy filling his ears with all the bads I could imagine about the teachers I hated at school. Homeworks were leaching out my play hours and palms were sore due to the ‘cane thrashings’. I stopped as I saw two men assisting Grandpa to cut off branches from my favorite Guava tree. “They cannot cut my tree! That is rude”, my eyes welled up with tears which did not go unnoticed. I needed explanation and that was certain. Grandpa replied that it was necessary, which obviously did not satisfy me. This is when my father stepped in and I knew that a scientific explanation was on the way. He began that when the unwanted branches are chopped off the tree can concentrate on the main branches that give us fruits. And that by chopping off wandering branches the threat of the branches touching the electrical lines are checked. “Huh! But doesn’t the tree know that it’ll get an electric shock!” .I thought of how stupid the tree was.“No it doesn’t know, we have to take care of it, just like we elders look after you”, Grandpa put on his serious tone.“Did you always look after the tree Grandpa?”“Indeed I did, I even trained it to suit our needs”, Grandpa smiled.“You are mocking me”, my face fell.“Oh no child, I did indeed. The ‘Y’ shaped branches you always climb upon, I trained it so. I cut off other branches that came up while the tree was small. I protected those two branches and tied it apart to yield the shape. The lower strong branches were encouraged and either tied up or bent or twisted to finally shape strong branches for you to climb on or tie swings. Promising branches were well maintained and fruits protected for you.” He handed me a ripe guava that had fallen off.“This is exactly what they do to you at school child”, he concluded.“No! They don’t give me ripe guavas at school! They give me homeworks and beatings and scolding”, I protested.“They are chopping off your wandering branches, to keep you away from electrical lines of life that can give you dangerous shocks”.My cheeks puffed up, “But I have no branches”.“They are chopping off your bad habits and laziness. They are shaping you into a better person. They are training you to develop your talents and skills like the strong branches. They are prompting you to work harder to achieve your goals. They are training you to focus, to understand and analyse things better so that you would be a stronger, well-shaped, well behaving young soul.”“Just like you taught the tree to be big, strong, beautiful, useful and selfless””, I quipped.“Yes dear child exactly like that. But I didn’t teach the tree little one, I trained it”, his eyes twinkled.A realization had dawned. From then on I somehow endured my schooldays and terrifying teachers. Every time I got upset remembered the tree that was trained by getting chopped, bended, tied, twisted and finally turned out to be a favorite of all. As I think back, it does connect that the ‘homeworks’ and tasks which I used to call ‘hardworks’ , and the punishments and scoldings are like chopping and bending the tree.

It took me longer to understand the difference Grandpa meant about ‘teaching’ and ‘training’. You cannot lecture or instruct a tree about bending itself and not growing in the wrong direction. He was right, the tree was made to grow the hard way for the desired outcome. Training was hence teaching by making us do things, to learn through experience (experiential learning). It involves active participation and when the active participation is not received, punishments get its try. Training shapes an individual. The training that we receive at our institutions builds up our character, our confidence, our knowledge, enhances our skills and talents, filters our qualities and sifts our morale. These trainings often don’t affect us in a day, but it gradually chisels and moulds us. It never hinders our growing, but adds to both our exterior and interior selves the beauty and the utility the generation desires, may it be personal or official.Being a trainer and being a trainee differs greatly. A trainer needs to identify the ups and downs of each trainee and train accordingly. In an army camp the trainer has to identify first who is good at shooting and who is a good acrobat. The one good at shooting should be trained at being a good acrobat too and the trainer should ensure that the acrobat be trained well at shooting targets too .Only then can a competent army be ready for real life combats. The same applies in every field. Like cutting off the unwanted branches and protecting and strengthening required branches of the tree, negatives and positives of the trainees are to be rightly identified by the trainer and be pruned or encouraged accordingly. The job is not a piece of cake.A trainee should participate actively and put in all the effort to keep in pace with the trainer. It is necessary here that the trainee expresses completely rather than holding off so that the trainer can analyze and help the person.Training prepares us mentally and physically through active involvement for upcoming battles, both personal and official.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

There are many occasions in life when nothing “seems” right and so, when everything turns out right our mind becomes instantly deeply irritated as we think into our past to realize that something
grave is following. This is no intuition but mere experience or more correctly, beliefs. We have tuned our into such a frequency that it is always in a balanced state fluctuating between the satisfied and unsatisfied, never tempted to go in a straight line. This is exactly why we can’t attain that moment of spiritual bliss. It is because we ourselves torn between duties and desires. They can never make a perfect mixture. I guess that’s the law. Because, every time we want to bask in our desires fulfilling them, there comes the call of duty. Duty comes piercing deep into that bubble of desires. But the bubble doesn’t pop, that is the toughest part. It sticks on to the tip of duty and so nothing seems to satisfy us, but we painfully note that we lack what we want in spite of carrying out duty at the best of our capacity. It is as if our world of desires and real life is of two dimensions into which we keep jumping from time to time. We cannot predict when. We just know when we are in the reality; because then, we go mad and are completely unsatisfied. It is this world of desires and reality that spirituality says should be avoided. When one enables his mind to travel straight, without fluctuating into these two worlds and diverting the mind to run straight through the very very narrow pathway between the two worlds shall one attain that perfect peace of mind, or moksha.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Is having Great grand children the sole goal of one's life??

 Last day i chanced to hear two women conversing about an old lady on her death bed. The dialogue was a very sincere relief of one of the women that the old lady had nothing to worry about since she had even great grand children and that now she can die peacefully. I was literally shocked... Is having great grand children the only  goal in the world? If you have great grand children don't you have to worry about anything else? no more desires and dreams?? Does that mean that all of our life spend in toil was just to reproduce and nothing else!! such a blunder. How can life and happiness be calculated by the number of generation you have seen or created and the number of progeny!! It may contribute to some part of happiness and satisfaction but not all of it for sure. No one wants to bury their dreams and desires to think of reproducing. But i have to agree that majority of women still face this torture of the society; "born to give birth" i guess. 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Truth on the domination of males

Centuries ago when the true flourishing of civilizations took place the world without exception believed on the power of the female that created life. The female ruled the lands and men were mere subordinates ready to engage on all menial jobs and hard nut tasks.  Males were nothing more than concubines or servants. It was a ritual in the western civilizations that the concubine of the Queen was to be killed and the flesh to be eaten raw by the queen and the priestesses, which they believed impregnated them. Gradually the male counterpart intoxicated with the possible power and of course fearing death, by years of cunning procrastination of the ritual each time reasoning the substitute of a young male in his stead rose to supreme power. Later the young male was yet again substituted by animal sacrifice. And hence ages empowered the male cunning and female was gradually suppressed into servitude, which lead to the current degradation faced by the gender.

I've often heard counters that in the wild the lion rules over the lionesses and that after every hunt the male is offered the first bite and best portions while the females restrain themselves for the male to finish up. I really don’t understand how that shows the subordination of the female. All the females of a pride together can defeat a male for sure; then why this submission? Well here are some simple facts: Every pride can have only one dominant male who will have the mating rights over all the females. Without the male the next generation is not possible. The dominant male is the victor of a dual between two full grown males and the position is always under constant threat. No female disregards the new dominant male and cheerfully participates in mating. Now to get back to the point, the only male in the pride has to be powerful, strong and healthy and should be a perfect specimen which is necessary to create a healthy, strong and powerful progeny. If the male is weak the next generation also suffers alike. To prevent this, the male has to have the best fresh portions to his fill in order to maintain his efficiency and health. Moreover, the male has to be confident in order to carry on his task well and hence the ladies give great care to how they sustain him well toned, healthy and confident.

And again I have faced counters like, then why wouldn't this apply to the birds and so on… Well, my answer is that, birds do not live like a pride or such. They do not form societies or groups. And hence can choose their own males, and no code of conduct is expected. And again you may ask, then why don’t we humans follow such a system as of in a pride? If there was such a condition in the human society more than 80% males would have been single and the rest would have been enjoying or rather burdened with multiple alliances. And if in that case again if we were given the privilege to choose our mates like the birds again at least a 60% would have been single with the rest same as above.  Remember it is only the social norms creating a difference between the human and the animal world and efficiently turning its back to the true dominating power in Nature. It’s purely intentional. There is much that the male society will lose if the truth was to be accepted wholly. There is much more than expected to lose for the males. So how about a little respect now? Or at least try to understand the situation and stop believing that male is everything. It is just a belief.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Being an active participant in Nature

Life… the term is a possession that humanity believes to be its own!  But look around.. Life is not just humans but also rest of the beings that breathe and grow. We are well aware that when we are in a system we have to be an active participant in all its activities: in a society, in an institution, in a group, in a country, everywhere man is on a run to prove to be the best among the group. The best participant worthy of praises… But are we truly an active participant to the life around us? The answer is most probably a big “YES” which arrogantly echoes in your mind right now. Well the answer is so very wrong. If you live in a society, belong to a group, score well for your institution, make your family proud, contribute to the income, contribute to the state and so on why is that humanity always finds it comfortable to forget that we live on Earth?? We are Terrestrials, living beings of the planet named “Terra” a.k.a Earth? We forget to be that active participant on Earth. How do you become an active participant on Earth? In nature??
Simple, observe the life around-other than humans- and you will find that each and every act of theirs contribute to life on Earth, to nature. They eat from nature, contribute to nature and help preserve the balance of nature. When a forest is cleared for cultivation and a swarm of locusts attack, it just their own way of contributing to the balance of nature by retrieving what has been lost from the holds of the wild. When a beast kills for food or fight for rights over a pack they try to balance nature and does not violate the rules of nature but pave way for the well-being and excellent progress of the natural. When a bee gathers nectar or ants feed on carcasses they help nature progress and become an active participant to its cycle . But humans!! Such a passive being! Believes that the world has been made for our species! Arrogant to the very core and selfish in every motive!
Think of it, how much do you contribute to nature when in the morning you rush to the office on vehicles that chokes out black poisonous smoke?? How much do you contribute to nature when you scan through the bundle of files and in the evening return back home to rest in front of the television? How much contact do you have with nature? There are though people among us who are active participants in nature while they simply mind their own business. And that bunch of active participators are the ones who farm lands, culture flowers, food grains, fruits , look after cattle, poultry, bees, fish… they become an instrument to nature and become active participants to nature when they provide for nature as they take from her. But all farmers do not belong to the category: there are those who are unwilling to share with nature for all that she relishes us with. They spray their crops with toxins poisoning insects, plant life and elements like air, earth and water. They participate in nature but becomes a negative participant.

It is easy being an active participant. Plant trees; take care of living things around, let the insects feed on real flowers rather than wasting their hopes on the plastic impostures in your drawing rooms. Try listening to nature, try to feel nature, respond to the pleas of a Mother and most importantly, return what you receive from nature… Be a living being and not a busy machine.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Driving away Loneliness...

It is often strange that we feel alone most of the time. Not because there is none near us, but because we are convinced that we are strangers to people around us. Often when we are surrounded by family or friends we realize that we don't belong there... How queer, but that's just our mind pretending to be to be neglected or perhaps our lonely self that repels every external attempt of coming closer to us! We want to be alone, but we need company too!! Man is such a confusing being... The secret to living is not in feeling alone when you have company and wanting company when you are alone... Life is best the other way around. To simply listen to people, to speak something silly, being along and being present at the given moment, and when alone just relaxing the mind, listening to the calm, breathing in the peace and letting loose yourself for your mind to wander free the wild...

I have noticed during my lonely walks that I often  feel the need of company, my heart sags when it feels alone. But i am happy that i know the antidote to is the mind itself... I simply look around and find people rushing off to offices and schools, many whom i am to meet in the near or distant future. In that case they are only temporary strangers. How can I be alone when I am surrounded with people, of different types, styles, gender, age... There are so many people around me, then how can i be alone just because they are all strangers and many of the only "temporary strangers". I'm not alone, am I? How can I say I am alone when I am in the middle of a crowd? Well, literally I am not alone and so I should't be, and why should I? All the world is teaming with life, there is no point in being lonely. And if I ever want to be lonely all I have to do is to pretend that  I am , ans when I want company all I have to do is to open my eyes and look around.

If there is not my family, or friends or temporary strangers, there is surely a listener in the nature where everything seems to listen to me. Look into Nature when sad and you'll feel her soothing your pain like an old friend who understands you the best, only we fail to understand her... And why not, Nature is always a human's first best friend until we find a human to replace her. But remember, she is ever welcoming with open arms and does not complain about your prolonged neglect... Its time to drive away loneliness...

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Permanence and temporariness in life...

Often it happens that a single moment in our life gets inundated by a multitude of incidents and a myriad of acquaintances and near and dear ones and henceforth we miss certain small but wonderful moments in life. There comes certain unnoticed but worthy details of life that we yearn to think back but fail, yearn to reach back to the past to relive the moment and to rediscover things. But it is beyond our power to challenge the flow of time. It simply slithers away from our grip. Our little eyes and well-trained ears might have left out many things worthy to be noticed but too frail or vague to be noticed and the  time simply sweeps away its traces as soon as the opportunity is lost. A blink of the eye and we have already lost a second of our time! It always shocks me that the temporariness of time is permanent . How paradoxical! 
Thinking again, this permanent temporariness is a petulance that have stricken every life on earth. It is permanent that days pass, but each passing day is temporary. People say that their love is permanent as the stars in the firmament. Perhaps they haven't noticed that stars do change position in the sky every passing minute! There is no permanence in our temporary lives except for the permanence of temporariness...