Permanence and temporariness in life...

Often it happens that a single moment in our life gets inundated by a multitude of incidents and a myriad of acquaintances and near and dear ones and henceforth we miss certain small but wonderful moments in life. There comes certain unnoticed but worthy details of life that we yearn to think back but fail, yearn to reach back to the past to relive the moment and to rediscover things. But it is beyond our power to challenge the flow of time. It simply slithers away from our grip. Our little eyes and well-trained ears might have left out many things worthy to be noticed but too frail or vague to be noticed and the  time simply sweeps away its traces as soon as the opportunity is lost. A blink of the eye and we have already lost a second of our time! It always shocks me that the temporariness of time is permanent . How paradoxical! 
Thinking again, this permanent temporariness is a petulance that have stricken every life on earth. It is permanent that days pass, but each passing day is temporary. People say that their love is permanent as the stars in the firmament. Perhaps they haven't noticed that stars do change position in the sky every passing minute! There is no permanence in our temporary lives except for the permanence of temporariness...


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