Taking the stage

I was never part of the stage; it has always been a part of me. A part that always left me feeling I was firm footed and that I have it in me to stand my ground, to stand and make a point, to express what is true and honest and to inspire. I could have always been a shadow among the audience who watched and applauded and criticized. I am not afraid to show my face and to let people know that it is me speaking or writing. I’ve always wanted to show them that it is I, one among them, who always walks with them or cracks jokes with them who is singing or speaking or dancing in front of them or writing for them to read and realize that it is in everyone’s capacity to do something amazing, to do something inspiring and artistic. People needn’t be an intellectual to be creative, to make the world a better place. Even the moon that is just a sphere of dust and rock becomes magical at night reflecting off the sunlight that falls on it. It wouldn’t have been this spell-binding and soothing if it was a source of light by itself… Moon has, and always will inspire creativity more than the sun. It is because it does marvelously well whatever little it can do. That is what makes the night the most magical hours ever… When you feel passion and can bring it into expression, only you can stop yourself , only you can decide if you want to be a shadow in the audience or to inspire and amaze and express on stage. Fear is not an option when you are smitten with passion, all that matters is expression and creation…and a strong belief that you can do it. 


  1. "it would've not been soothing if it was a source of light by itself" well said. Loved it!

  2. I hope my words inspire you. Keep reading..and thank you :)


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