Driving away Loneliness...

It is often strange that we feel alone most of the time. Not because there is none near us, but because we are convinced that we are strangers to people around us. Often when we are surrounded by family or friends we realize that we don't belong there... How queer, but that's just our mind pretending to be to be neglected or perhaps our lonely self that repels every external attempt of coming closer to us! We want to be alone, but we need company too!! Man is such a confusing being... The secret to living is not in feeling alone when you have company and wanting company when you are alone... Life is best the other way around. To simply listen to people, to speak something silly, being along and being present at the given moment, and when alone just relaxing the mind, listening to the calm, breathing in the peace and letting loose yourself for your mind to wander free the wild...

I have noticed during my lonely walks that I often  feel the need of company, my heart sags when it feels alone. But i am happy that i know the antidote to loneliness..it is the mind itself... I simply look around and find people rushing off to offices and schools, many whom i am to meet in the near or distant future. In that case they are only temporary strangers. How can I be alone when I am surrounded with people, of different types, styles, gender, age... There are so many people around me, then how can i be alone just because they are all strangers and many of the only "temporary strangers". I'm not alone, am I? How can I say I am alone when I am in the middle of a crowd? Well, literally I am not alone and so I should't be, and why should I? All the world is teaming with life, there is no point in being lonely. And if I ever want to be lonely all I have to do is to pretend that  I am , ans when I want company all I have to do is to open my eyes and look around.

If there is not my family, or friends or temporary strangers, there is surely a listener in the nature where everything seems to listen to me. Look into Nature when sad and you'll feel her soothing your pain like an old friend who understands you the best, only we fail to understand her... And why not, Nature is always a human's first best friend until we find a human to replace her. But remember, she is ever welcoming with open arms and does not complain about your prolonged neglect... Its time to drive away loneliness...


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