Being an active participant in Nature

Life… the term is a possession that humanity believes to be its own!  But look around.. Life is not just humans but also rest of the beings that breathe and grow. We are well aware that when we are in a system we have to be an active participant in all its activities: in a society, in an institution, in a group, in a country, everywhere man is on a run to prove to be the best among the group. The best participant worthy of praises… But are we truly an active participant to the life around us? The answer is most probably a big “YES” which arrogantly echoes in your mind right now. Well the answer is so very wrong. If you live in a society, belong to a group, score well for your institution, make your family proud, contribute to the income, contribute to the state and so on why is that humanity always finds it comfortable to forget that we live on Earth?? We are Terrestrials, living beings of the planet named “Terra” a.k.a Earth? We forget to be that active participant on Earth. How do you become an active participant on Earth? In nature??
Simple, observe the life around-other than humans- and you will find that each and every act of theirs contribute to life on Earth, to nature. They eat from nature, contribute to nature and help preserve the balance of nature. When a forest is cleared for cultivation and a swarm of locusts attack, it just their own way of contributing to the balance of nature by retrieving what has been lost from the holds of the wild. When a beast kills for food or fight for rights over a pack they try to balance nature and does not violate the rules of nature but pave way for the well-being and excellent progress of the natural. When a bee gathers nectar or ants feed on carcasses they help nature progress and become an active participant to its cycle . But humans!! Such a passive being! Believes that the world has been made for our species! Arrogant to the very core and selfish in every motive!
Think of it, how much do you contribute to nature when in the morning you rush to the office on vehicles that chokes out black poisonous smoke?? How much do you contribute to nature when you scan through the bundle of files and in the evening return back home to rest in front of the television? How much contact do you have with nature? There are though people among us who are active participants in nature while they simply mind their own business. And that bunch of active participators are the ones who farm lands, culture flowers, food grains, fruits , look after cattle, poultry, bees, fish… they become an instrument to nature and become active participants to nature when they provide for nature as they take from her. But all farmers do not belong to the category: there are those who are unwilling to share with nature for all that she relishes us with. They spray their crops with toxins poisoning insects, plant life and elements like air, earth and water. They participate in nature but becomes a negative participant.

It is easy being an active participant. Plant trees; take care of living things around, let the insects feed on real flowers rather than wasting their hopes on the plastic impostures in your drawing rooms. Try listening to nature, try to feel nature, respond to the pleas of a Mother and most importantly, return what you receive from nature… Be a living being and not a busy machine.


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