Letter to a good year

Hello to this year and all the temporary happiness and unhappiness of this year,

 I'm afraid your allotted time is fast ending. Its a matter of days now and I have got a lot to speak out to you. All those wonderful memories you sparingly showered on me was such true blessings that the sparingness ensured it was counted and enjoyed. Too much of the happiness would have been truly an overdose, it might have got lost. But, brilliantly you sent me a surge if sorrows good enough to clear out my tear valves and moisten my eyes quite frequently. You do take very good care of the eyes by the by. My friend count almost lost limits this year. I found some very extraordinary lot and realized the sincerity of many. I got to know my loved ones a bit more, which makes our bondings stronger this year. There were losses to me, but none equals the gains in unison. The days were bright enough and there was sufficient rain and sun to invest for the coming year as well. My days were good. I had to face many hardships but nevertheless it made me stronger and more capable as I feel it clearly. Thank you for all the small tokens as good luck you send my way and I want you to know that though I thank you I despise you more. But, trust me only love will stay, as you turn around the corner all this hate will go with you, none to be retained in my memories.

Good bye good year,Happy Christmas to you. I will miss you. It’s a pity you can't visit me again nor can I visit you. Perhaps in some other world we will meet again. Till then God be with you good year.



Gayathri Jayakumar.


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