Is having Great grand children the sole goal of one's life??

 Last day i chanced to hear two women conversing about an old lady on her death bed. The dialogue was a very sincere relief of one of the women that the old lady had nothing to worry about since she had even great grand children and that now she can die peacefully. I was literally shocked... Is having great grand children the only  goal in the world? If you have great grand children don't you have to worry about anything else? no more desires and dreams?? Does that mean that all of our life spend in toil was just to reproduce and nothing else!! such a blunder. How can life and happiness be calculated by the number of generation you have seen or created and the number of progeny!! It may contribute to some part of happiness and satisfaction but not all of it for sure. No one wants to bury their dreams and desires to think of reproducing. But i have to agree that majority of women still face this torture of the society; "born to give birth" i guess. 


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