Two can play the “Why” game

“Why…?” .  Honestly this is the most challenging question I have ever faced in my life! It’s a very frequently asked ‘difficult to answer to’ question and it comes from everyone you meet!! I have often faltered to answer this simple and single syllable. Perhaps it’s because it was difficult for me to frame a reasonable answer that would be congruent and comprehensible by the society. Or else I’ll certainly be tagged insane or arrogant. Wow! How wonderful would that be!

 It’s never difficult to spin a yarn but it certainly is difficult to tell the society that I have only followed my heart and that I  don’t have an explanation… it would have been so much better if they believed the truth. But instead I always have to press my poor brain to work out the reason and if not like always make up a reason for something my heart is solely responsible for... Seriously, I have never won the gamble of reasoning with my heart.

I mean I really don’t know why I love the night but hate darkness, love flowers but hate plucking them.. I really don’t have a reason for loving the people I love and I really even don’t know why I love heights but is  at the same time phobiatic to heights! Thankfully I have found out the only powerful counter question to the “why”s of the world…its “why” itself.  ;-) Well, two can play at this game, what do you say ;-) …


  1. Well said. Honesty is still hanging at the supreme part of a social or professional life. This is your first post I read in this blog. You have excellent skill of presenting words. Please keep writing. All the best.


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