Broken Dreams...

We believe that it is people who shape dreams. But it is just a mere misunderstanding as it is dreams that always shape people. Dreaming at different scales from possible to impossible and from past to present , recreating a situation to subverting another and dreaming a perfect future out of memories, dreams of money, wedding, children, places, wishes, the list just expands out into infinity. Dreams may actually become real or else come close to real but mostly dreams remains dreams as such and this is when we say we have shattered dreams!!! How thoughtless of us if we believe that a shattered dream means end of life. Each dream like a piece of a crystal artwork shimmers in our mind's eye giving out brilliant rays of light as we polish and re-polish it. But the moment it breaks we often remain indifferent to what have become of the shattered pieces... They simply remain broken but each fragment gains its own shine. Yes, the dream shines not as a single whole but as different little bits that give out a million bright rays almost blinding us to believe that everything is over while each fragment lives and shines as new piece of dream. A small fragment of a lost dream... True, but trust me,  small dream  have more possibilities to be fulfilled and we fail to recognize it when it truly shapes our steps and individual with its sharp bleeding ends ... More colorful and iridescent than before, the broken dreams , the fine sharp shards of our crystal artwork unknowingly becomes objects of our joys as well us successes....



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