When You Are In Trouble

If you are capable enough to get into trouble you are well capable of getting out of it too. It is just like climbing a tree. If you have taken the chance to climb up, you definitely can climb down too. But what makes you think you cannot climb down is the lack of faith in your grip and the fear of pain if you fall down. But think again, if you are not too high you can always jump down without hurting yourself. This is the easy way, but then again you will have to "let go" to "get down".

Even if the immensity of the trouble worries you,know that it was some decision or action you took that got you in there. So, again no one else but only you can save yourself from what you have done to yourself. If you are on a tree and can't get down, others can only advice you or bring you a ladder. You are the one to take the effort either to climb down the ladder or the tree. Else you can jump down with options of getting hurt.

To people who decide to stay...
Well, what can I say...


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