Fear is Knowledge...

Fear is innate to all humans. Wait!! Innate?? sure??? Because its not. Surprised?? Oh well you have to be.
The truth is a small child is not afraid of anything or anyone until and unless you explain the possible dangers to the child. This means that no fear is innate or hereditary or whatever reasons you could possibly think of. Knowledge is the sole base of fear. You were never afraid of the bright and beautiful dancing flames of fire until you got burnt.You were never afraid of the sparkling foams of the ocean until you knew it was deadly deep and that there were sharks. It is always the knowledge of possible dangers or pain that causes fear.
The basic fear in every human is the fear of death which is an ultimate reality and unavoidable end.This knowledge of death spoils the fun of the entire stretch of life.

If we never have the knowledge of what bad could possibly come out of a thing... hopefully we would never be afraid.. People have always sought for antidote for fear.. and it is simple.. Not knowing is the best remedy.
The great poet Pope once said:
" Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread". It is just the knowledge that roots fear .


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