Routines- out from one and trapped in another

It has been identified that the human mind has a potential to classify things and order actions in order to process the world. In our day to day affairs these well-set order and sequential character of our actions define our existence. Routines have been a part of human life from time immemorial. We are all part of a routine and settle into the most comfortable one. When bored we wriggle free from one routine only to make a new one or to enter into an already existing one. This could be because of the routines we see in nature. The sun rises, sets, moon ascends into the zenith, wanes away, there is day and night, and so on. When trapped in a routine we will be in a constant strife to lose it, but it is also a notable fact that out of the routine we will be like a fish out of water deliberately trying for a new order, a new routine. Being part of a routine has become a habit.


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