Who gave birth to you? Mother or Religion???

India has always nurtured, with at most tenderness and warmth, various religions and cultures. Unity in diversity was always a word to exhibit the impartial yet considerate affection of the land towards all its citizens. But currently the scenario had taken a radical shift, where boundaries cut through the land, bleeding and maiming it. Tagore's land of hope and love is bleeding, sliced by the barbed wires of religion- a system man himself constituted to structure society. Today, as man fall short of the understanding that religions were cultural constructs, societies and individuals grope in the darkness brought upon by the blinding veils of fanaticism. They tear apart each other and fight upon the claim to other's lives, even beasts and birds.

The concept of Cow as the Mother is fine. It is, as per our believes a very reasonable one. Cows have literally helped civilizations prosper. But the claim to a complete ban on just cow meat... You can for yourselves see the consequences. The matter is not about the perception about the animal, but the perception of people. There have been many instances where those beasts have been subjected to even unnatural sexual acts by people and  no one had a voice to raise, no one thought of  equating them with divinity. Considering that the Hindu pantheon gives high regard to Cow as a form of Bhoomi devi and Bull as Nandikesh, it is only very proper to consider Naag, adorning Mahadev, Mouse, the vehicle of Sri Ganesh, Peacock vehicle to Karthikey, Lion or Tiger to Devi Gayathri, Swan to Brahma, Garud to Vishnu and so on and bestow upon these creatures as well a promise and security of divinity. Which means all these animals should be worshiped with the same devotion and zeal and should be protected with bans, bellowing aloud how they are sacred and divine.

But, if, this debate about banning beef is solely based on the claim that cow gives us milk, then the same reason has to be summoned to uphold a ban against goat slaughter as well. It gives us manure and milk, just like the cow, and is easily manageable as well. Cow and goat, then, are not the only candidates to the honour. From time immemorial we have depended upon hens for eggs and manure. Eggs are after all part of a  daily advisable diet and is considered essential alongside a glass of milk.  Doesn't this indicate that if cow slaughter calls forth the excuse that cows give us milk and manure and hence have enabled civilizations to progress, then the same has to be done for goats and hens???

But, keeping that aside, if we consider the claim that these creatures exist for man to feed...I consider nothing else as a bigger blunder than this. We are, because other creatures are...They don't need us to survive, but we need them Our entire life and ecosystem depends upon each of those big and small, micro and macro creatures that surround us. Without humans the world will survive, but without the other creatures...nothing will. We are at their mercy and live in a false belief that we rule over those stately beasts and majestic birds.

What claim do you have, man, upon the birds and beasts that the Earth gave birth to, and nurture with care? What right do you have to kill the son of a woman you barely even know!!! What right do you have upon your own self? Who do you think You are? God or Man? Know then. that the God you know was an idea born in someone's head. The real God is around you, and in the beings that surround you. Those beings whom you slaughter to feed on, and those beings whom you consider reasons to your silly fanatic religious quarrels. Know then, that like art and literature, religion is also a collage work of ideas that was born in the heads of many men who wanted to systematize the conduct and dealings when a group of humans began to settle in together and to ensure that equality and peace reigned upon such a collective settlement.

It is a foul blemish, that is rotting and reeking of  a stench, that the present world lacks even one by hundredth the understanding and intellect of the ancestors, who, for the betterment of a group settlement crafted metaphors to function as adhesives to glue us together. And you call them primitive in thought, and you call them barbarians!!! Who are you??? and What do you stand for?? For religion??? Is that it?? And not for the creatures and the world that the real God crafted with love and care??? Not for Mother nature? For Earth? The Mother who gave birth to you and patiently awaits for your enlightenment that the world is your home and all creatures your family??? If you still say that you are a Hindu or a Christian or Musalmaan, i will, once again pose to you my question..... WHO GAVE BIRTH TO YOU? MOTHER OR RELIGION????


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