A moment with nature

It has been quite a while that i've given my blog a passionate attention. I take that my mind was busy fending off the tendencies of a troubled girl to slip into a reclusive mentality. Glad to say that I am out of it and the first thing that I thought of, was definitely, the reasons of my mind slanting for an option as a recluse in this highly socialized world. This idea does not come as news to any one of you who breath in this millennium. Hyper socializing is the new mantra and secluded rooms of gadget-abundance, the new haven...Thankfully, my cloistering was not related to hi-tech gadgets or enclosed dark rooms, but open space and lots of greens dabbed with colours. That rings as an oxymoron! but still that is the truth. Somehow the abundance of nature and the beauty i had to adore in the little breaks of a student's life pulled me into its clasps as soon as the summer peaked in, pulling away from people and the artificiality of the modern world. Nature has always been a healer for me. And in one way or the other i found myself being excused due to the little ailments that bound me to my house and the nature that surrounds it. I simply look out of the window and i am almost instantly gifted with the sight of a happily flitting squirrel family or a twinkling firefly. No matter what part of the day, the show is open for me and the music ready for me. What more do i need to get dragged into the lazy comfiness in the lap of nature in the midst of the sweltering heat! I sank into the depths of that serenity and stared into that moonlight that seeps into my room through the skylight. 


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