A song of Life...

If life feels not worth living for
Why opt for ourselves the death door?
Death is never an option, but the ultimate end
Destiny plays a queer game of life, the secret is to defend...
It takes its turns one by one and leaves us helpless unarmed,
The success is when we stand and defend and keep ourselves unharmed.
Each move it makes blurs us in mist of fear,
But look through and you will find no fire beyond the smoke barrier...
It pretends to play a strong predator,
But in real it is the prey and we the terminator...
Yet no chance, destiny depends on us,
To find our path ans fulfill our quest.
Hidden at the end of each path awaits us
A reward picked by God for the one who wins...
To win is to live till the end, there is no other player,
Just that our destiny intervene with other layers.


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