Making someone look happy isn't the same as making someone feel happy.

Our dear ones want to see only our smiling faces and we yearn for theirs....Doesn't matter what grief eats them and how fatally their heart melts...We want to see them smile and that's all that matters... Finally when we see them smile despite their troubles and sorrows we never realize it is a compromise they are making with their heart. The eyes lay dry and lips smile while the heart kills itself melting in the pain unable to wash it off with tears for the sake of their dear ones. 

The one who is wrong is not the person but others who fail to realize the deadly poison that is slowly killing their beloved and demand for the smile. It is only because people are selfish. they don't care what the other person is going through and demand stubbornly for them to be happy so that we can make ourselves happy believing we made someone smile.But the truth is we take the sin of the dying heart on our self. We have stopped a heart from letting the pain inside escape as tears.

 If you really want to be happy that you made someone happy first know what is it that is hurting them, then help them to overcome the situation doesn't matter if they cry out just let them wash all the pain away with those streams of salt. Accept their likes and dislikes as they have the right to make choices in life too. Stop imposing yourself on them just because you think that will make them happy. Understand that happiness comes when one does what one like and not when they are forced to do what others like. If you want to be happy that you have really made someone happy just let them be the way they want and cry out or be sad or sit alone for sometime and give them peace. After all no one's head makes a tasty meal :-P you can always munch on other tasty stuffs like a chocolate bar or chips...why eat someone's head to make you happy ??

My point : Making someone look happy isn't the same as making someone feel happy... For someone to feel happy just let them be how they are and only intervene if you are needed. Don't impose yourself on them may it be your spouse may it be your child may it be your parents or even friend....


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