Space for pain....

A man was so dedicated to God that God  had to appear before him one day. When granted a boon the man was overjoyed and asked for immortality and happiness without any pain all along his life. The wish was granted and he lived happily for many years. Finally he got bored of his life and called upon God again. This time he wanted to die and go with God to Heaven. His wish was granted again. Time passed but he felt no different from the passiveness he felt when he was alive. Heaven was the ultimate place of peace but his mind was never at peace. Everything around him was happy but he felt his heart was desperate for something and he knew it was pain.When he was alive he longed for death and when he was dead he wanted pain. A rather foolish thought you might comment. But even though he was happy his  happiness was not felt by the heart, and why? Because only sorrow and pain can let you realize joy and peace.In theories of  Ferdinand de Saussure this comparison of the opposites that we unconsciously do to decipher meanings of a thing is termed Binary Opposition. To know what is good you compare it with bad. The same way if you have to feel how good is the sun you should endure the chill of winter. The man was happy but he could never feel the essence of happiness because he never again had pain or suffering to distinguish between the two and hence failed to feel his happiness.It is funny how people think only of extremes ,ie, life and death. The struggles, sacrifice, toil, pain, understanding, compassion, bravery, pity, fear everything that comes before and after the extremes are often tried to be forgotten or avoided. Man try to believe that these pain doesn't exist or believe that it is the only things that exist. We often try to escape from such pain but fail to realize that it is the only thing that make us realize and differentiate life and death. Without suffering no achievement is worth the joy and no happiness touches the heart....


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