Every touch, every smile is an exploration

Every touch, every smile is an exploration. Every time you try to know there is a sudden revelation. Unknown words become familiar verse and the distant star shines in  dreams, secrets get magically revealed and  not a word stays concealed.

This is the first day of my my blogging and I really wanted to do this as I couldn't stop my intense desire for this blog. It came to me a few hours ago and wouldn't let me do anything. My heart is stronger than my will and goes on making me do eccentric things but I enjoy doing what my heart wants as it is the sole power that keeps alive my breath and beats for me every instant. It holds for my every dream and never hesitates struggling for me even when it  knows when I'm doing something wrong. So I find it essential to listen to my heart as it can speak only for my good...It speaks the language of nature and words of the Universal power. How can I deny that power which keeps me and everything alive and healthy. It is asking me to let it speak out to the world and to anyone who cares to listen. It says it have secrets to share to everyone. My heart wants to let everyone have a glimpse of the dreams I have and the imagination of my heart. It wants the world to explore the insides I don't know why but it keeps on insisting me to work my hands in forms of words and strokes but all depicting in a curiosity for exploration. I learn as my heart speaks to others and so I yearn to learn more and I know I can learn only when my heart expresses the truth. So here I am sharing the words of my heart and colors of my dreams. A blog for Dreamers and Seekers. Pardon me if don't stand up to your expectations. I myself am a mere instrument like a pen or a paintbrush that doesn't know what it writes or paints.


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