People, reputation and soul....

No matter how good a person be if his/ her past was stained over  imaginary or true incidents, could have been gossips or if the present is so , the world will always remember the tale regardless of its credibility. Even if he/she is the best and honest person living on Earth in the present, people will still only remember them as bad. If they were extremely good and ideal in the past and was putrefied only over a single incident the world will still tag them only to being sinister. 

It actually is not the problem of the person but the world's. It is because there be a black spot on a white cloth or a white spot on a black, people tend to notice the black and describe the image in terms of black. Stains are always stains for them even if it has been washed off by action or words. People stain their hearts with these memories of the stains of others that they hardly have eyes to notice the goodness that was or that have become. 

It is just the way you notice the pupil of the eye and rarely focus on the white part. We try to learn the darkness in people and hardly see the light in them . This is the sole reason why we cant see the light in ourselves and believe in the existence of God in idols rather than recognizing the light in the people we see and the light in our heart. You can call the light SOUL....


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